Picture This

February 5th, 2016 by

B-CLASSIt’s gray and chilly in most parts of the States these days, but halfway around the world near Sydney, Australia, it’s a gorgeous beach day. And Akila Berjaoui, a gorgeous photographer who takes gorgeous pictures and drives a gorgeous vintage Mercedes-Benz, is loving it.

“My time is spent with lots of sunshine, water, delicious food and friends,” says Akila. “We spend our days at the beach, and at night I love a good house party with lots of dancing and music. I had always dreamed of owning an old-school Mercedes and when I returned from New York, I bought a black 1969 250 CE, so now I drive down to visit my family on the South Coast in the Bega Valley as much as I can.”

If you’re ready to add some glamour to your life, visit Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills at 9250 Beverly Boulevard and pick out a new model.

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