How does Jay Leno Transport his Classic Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars?

May 26th, 2016 by

E350Leave it to a true car collector to find a unique way to transport their classic cars. Jay Leno, the late night talk show host who everyone knows as an avid car collector, has reconditioned a classic Mercedes-Benz racecar transport truck to, well, transport his collection of classic Mercedes-Benz models.

The truck in question is light blue and boasts a classic body style that embodies the classic look that Mercedes-Benz was known for in the day. Under the hood, meanwhile, the truck features an updated and restored engine that gives it the power it needs to transport Leno’s collection of classic Mercedes-Benz models without breaking a sweat.

What Mercedes-Benz models are destined to line Leno’s garage next? In our opinion every model in the new Mercedes-Benz lineup is a contender. How about which one will occupy your garage next? To find out, simply contact us today and we’ll arrange a test drive in the one that interests you the most.

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